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The movie ‘Duel’ featured one the coolest ‘vehicle villains’ of all time.

   David Mann (Dennis Weaver) sets out from Los Angeles on a business trip. His eastward path takes him from the crowded freeways to a long stretch of 2-lane interstate crossing the California high desert. Mann’s journey is going reasonably well until he encounters a slow-moving tanker truck. The truck is grimy and oil-stained, and constantly belching black smoke. Mann passes the slow-moving truck, but soon after, the truck roars past him, forcing him to steer sharply to avoid a collision, then returns to its slow-moving speed. Mann rolls his eyes and passes the truck a second time, eliciting a loud, startling blast on the truck’s air horn. That Big Rig sets out to destroy him.

1960 Peterbilt 281 from the movie Duel

 It was the first feature film directed by Steven Spielberg and was written by Richard Matheson based on his own short story.

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