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Rocker Drummer Alex Van Halen is selling his 2009 Ariel Atom on eBay. It also only has 1700 miles on it.

This special ride has a 300 hp Supercharged GM Eco-Tech engine option, adjustable suspension package, and lighting kit. Check it out on eBay.

2009 ariel atom alex van halen

Alex Van Halen's 2009 Ariel Atom

Ariel Atom makes some cool handcrafted cars, nice website here

2009 ariel atom van halen celebrity car

celebrity car van halen

rock drummer alex van halen

Alex Van Halen

Here is some of the ebay description: This 2009 Ariel Atom was previously owned by Alex Van Halen and built by TMI AutoTech, Inc. in Alton, Virginia. Cared for by R3 Motorsports in California, modified for track with added Carbon Fiber Wing and Splitter. This Ariel Atom comes with two sets of wheels and one set of slicks. Still on MCO. Has new nitron shocks and adjustable coilovers with Eibach springs for suspension. Also has wildwood upgraded 4 piston brakes and rotors. This Ariel Atom Supercharged car is a blast to drive, and there is a 13 month or longer wait period. This supercharged Ariel Atom 3 (with only 1,700 miles) has a 300 hp Supercharged GM Eco-Tech engine option, Adjustable Suspension Package, and Lighting kit (will allow car to be registered for street use please check with your state). This car also has a modified roll cage for safety, fire suppression and kill switch. This highly-equipped Atom 3 would cost over $100K (plus destination and delivery) to re-create.

Longest street in the world

The Longest Street in the World: Yonge Street

The Longest Street in the World is Yonge Street (pronounced “young”), referred to as “Main Street Ontario”, connects the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto in Canada to Lake Simcoe, a gateway to the Upper Great Lakes. It is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest street in the world at 1,896 km (1,178 mi), and the construction of Yonge Street is designated an Event of National Historic Significance.

Yonge Street was fundamental in the original planning and settlement of western Upper Canada in the 1790s, and a large part of the route follows an ancient Aboriginal trail that linked the Lake Ontario waterfront to northern parts of the region.

the shortest street in the world

The Shortest Street in the World: Ebenezer Place

The Shortest Street in the World can be found in Wick, Caithness, Scotland.

Ebenezer Place, built in 1883, measures only 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m), and contains only one address: No 1 Bistro, part of Mackay’s Hotel.

Alexander Sinclair returned from America, after having made his fortune there, and built Mackay’s Hotel at the junction of Union Street and River Street in 1883. The council of the day instructed him to put a name on the short end of the building as they deemed it to be a street, and Ebenezer Place then appeared in the town’s records from 1887. An earlier attempt to have Ebenezer Place recognized was rejected, as there was no door in the street. The successful application was made after the door was added for No 1 Bistro. One of Mr Sinclair’s descendants was still said to be resident in the town in 2009.

The previous record holder was Elgin Street, Bacup, Lancashire, recorded at 17 feet, and this was replaced by Ebenezer Place, in the Guinness Book of Records as of November 2006.