Munsters 1923 Ford Model T "Munster Koach"

Built in less than 30 days from three fiberglass Model T Fords, the Koach also has a brass tombstone-shaped radiator, carriage lamps, landau bars, a 300-horsepower 289 Ford Cobra V-8, Anson Astro wheels with Mickey Thompson rear slicks, and a 133-inch wheelbase, nearly identical to the Maybach 57. Casket handles on the front, step bars, parlor curtains, and the family crest on the second of the three doors complete the comically creepy car’s character.

Fun Stats:

The Munster Koach was made from 3 Model T bodies and is 18 feet long.

The Koach was created by Barris Kustom City (George Barris) during 3 weeks in 1964.

It has a 4-speed manual transmission and power rear end.

The Engine is a 289 Cobra and was bored to 425 cubic inches.

In 1964, the cost to build the first one was $18,000.

It had “blood red” velvet interior and a Gloss Black Pearl exterior.

The Munster Koach

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