My Favorite Model Cars

revell-1962-corvette-roadster-2-in-1 revell-1965-chevy-impala-convertible revell-1966-chevy-el-camino revell-1969-camaro-yenko-sc-coupe revell-1969-chevy-nova-ss revell-1970-chevy-chevelle revell-1978-pontiac-firebird-3n1 revell-chi-town-hustler-charger-funny-car revell-fireball-roberts revell-hawaiian-charger-nhra-funny-car revell-jungle-jim-vega-nhra-funny-car revell-mongoose-duster-funny-car

Car Ads from the ’70’s!

1975 Toyota Celica advertisement1970 Gremlin Advertisement 1972 Datsun B210 adverstisment 1978 Chevette advertisement honda civic adverstisement mazda RX 7 advertisment VW Rabbit advertisementcamaro advertisement capri car adverstisement Cordoba advertisement dodge dart swinger 1970 advertisement ford ranchero advertisement

car with giants speakers car with huge audio speakers giant Car Sound Systems huge car subwoofer large auto sound system massive auto stereo speakers stereo car Truck with giant speaker array

Amphibious Cars


vette boat amphibious car jeep boat SeaRoader amphibious truck boat

The Homermobile!

the-homer mobile

Worst Traffic Ever!!!

Click HERE to see some CRAZY Traffic!


Extremely Odd Vehicles

Here we have a motorcycle customized into a hi heeled shoe

motorcycle trike shaped like shoe

Bubble car for human gerbils

bubble car

It’s an airboat and a car!

car made from an airboat

It’s a shoe bus!

hi heeled shoe car

…and you never have to pull over at a rest stop

car made from toilet bowl

Worlds Oldest Running Car For Sale!

The De Dion Bouton et Trepardoux Dos-a-Dos Steam Runabout


RM Auctions of the USA will auction off the world’s oldest running car next month. Imaginatively named, the 1884 car is referred to as a De Dion Bouton et Trepardoux Dos-a-Dos Steam Runabout.

Luckily they also nicknamed it ‘La Marquise’ after the mother of the French entrepreneur that commissioned it, Count de Dion. The car was built by George Bouton and Charles-Armand Trepardoux.

It measures just 2.74 metres in length and features twin compound steam engines, which allows a travelling range of around 32km after a 45-minute coal or coke steam. Not quite a BMW M3 rival, the La Marquise will reach a top speed of 59km/h.

Other novelties include ‘spade handle’ steering, the level of power assistance depending on when last you saw the inside of a gym, and the car seats four people back-to-back. These seats are positioned atop a steel tank that holds 150 litres of water.

Read the whole story HERE!


Worst Bicycle Accidents

You can almost feel the pain of some of these riders

bicycle rider crashing into pole

Smile for the camera

These are epic bicycle accidents

bicyclist loses front wheel

Where the rubber meets the face

Hard to look at bicycle crashes

bicycle rider goes over handlebars

Hey Girls! Look what I can do!

2 Wheel Wipeouts

bicycle rider crashes into rock

If I hadn’t cut Geology class, I might be able to identify this rock

Strange Accidents

There are a lot of words for it. Accident, collision, crack-up, fender-bender, pileup, rear ender, smash, smashup, stack-up, totaled, wrack-up. I’m not sure which ones apply to these pictures.

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